Career Pathways Advancement Project (CPAP)

The Career Pathways Advancement Project (CPAP) is designed for Nebraska VR clients to explore and access opportunities to advance in their employment.

Through a combination of classroom and on-the-job training, clients earn the recognized postsecondary credentials required for advancement within a specific industry. Employers are provided access to a group of potential employees with the required and relevant skills. This project is funded by a five-year grant awarded to Nebraska VR in 2015.

Focused outreach to 2,000 successfully employed Nebraska VR clients from the last four years seeks to upskill/backfill positions within the high demand industries of Architecture and Construction, Healthcare, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Transportation, Distribution and Logistics (TDL). Nebraska VR's vision is to promote autonomy, stability, and economic self-sufficiency, achieved by assistance to obtain a single, stable, well-paying job with benefits to replace the one (or more) entry-level jobs currently held to make ends meet.

Are you a former Nebraska VR client interested in advancing your career?

The Career Pathway Advancement Project (CPAP) Grant:

  • expands career opportunities
  • cultivates workforce development through educational advancement and training
  • increases economic opportunity

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What are the cornerstones of this opportunity?


CPAP’s goal is to upskill past successfully closed Nebraska VR clients through training and education and backfill the vacant positions they formerly held with qualified job-ready candidates that are new to the CPAP program.

Educational Advancement

The project will assist individuals established in their careers to realize long-term employment goals, open new opportunities for entry-level workers, and meet the needs of local employers in growing industries by incentivizing advancement with training and stipends.

Certification and Diplomas

Industry Certification - Tuition, fees, books, and supplies are paid at the cost identified by the training institution. Training Programs for Diploma, Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Ph.d - The cost of tuition and fees are paid at a specified rate. (See below under "Who pays for tuition and fees?")

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Career Pathways Toolkit

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Presentation from 13th Annual Summit on Performance Management Excellence


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  • Work based learning, i.e., on-the-job training, cross training, or job coaching
  • Certification or Diploma Programs
  • Associates, Bachelors, Masters, PHD

The Career Pathway Advancement Project (CPAP) Grant provides a training allowance for the following:

  • Industry Certification - Tuition, fees, books and supplies cost as identified by the educational institution attending, with a cap of $4752.
  • Post-Secondary Training Programs for Bachelors, Masters, PhD - CPAP pays $168 per semester hour or $86 per quarter hour.
  • Post Secondary Training for Diploma and Associate Degrees- CPAP pays $68 per semester hour, or $46 per quarter hour.

Career Pathway Advancement Project participants are offered assistance in covering their transportation costs to attend training or are offered a stipend to cover additional training costs.

Participants who choose to receive a stipend will receive $250.00 after attending the first day of class.

Upon completion of an industrial certification, participants are paid another $250.00 stipend once a copy of the certification is shared with the Career Pathway Recruiter.

Participants training for diploma programs receive $375.00 stipend after each completed 12 credit hours as identified by grade transcripts.

This is an opportunity to retain key talent. Investing in employees is a great way to retain employees in the future and improve morale.

Nebraska VR Client Outreach within High Demand Industries

Nebraska VR's vision is to promote autonomy, stability, and economic self-sufficiency, achieved by assistance to obtain a single, stable, well-paying job with benefits to replace the one (or more) entry-level jobs currently held to make ends meet.

Architecture and Construction Career Cluster Image

Architecture and Construction

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Information Technology (IT)

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Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics (TDL)

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Career Pathway Advancement Project

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Meet the Recruiters

Career Pathway Recruiters (CPRs) will be working with eligible VR clients. The CPRs help these individuals access a variety of supports in order to assist in advancement. CPAP services include funding college education, funding training/certificate programs, paid on-the-job training for career progressions, and facilitating increased access to technology and benefits planning. These individuals will be monitored and provided with services throughout the duration of their education or training. CPR staff will also follow up with advanced workers and their employer for a minimum of 90 days after their advancement to ensure client and employer satisfaction.

Image of Janet Drudik

Statewide Supervisor

Janet Drudik / Project Director

Phone: 402-484-1908
Image of Zach Arter

Serving Eastern Nebraska

Zach Arter / Career Pathways Recruiter

Phone: 402-214-2847
Image of Mary Kunes-Neary

Serving Lincoln and Southeast Nebraska

Mary Kunes-Neary / Career Pathways Recruiter

Phone: 402-314-1495
Image of Chrystal Norvell

Serving Central Nebraska

Crystal Norvell / Career Pathways Recruiter

Phone: 308-380-2849

Our Mission

We help people with disabilities, prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment while helping businesses recruit, train, and retain employees with disabilities.

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