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Career Pathways Advancement Project (CPAP)

The Career Pathways Advancement Project (CPAP) was designed for Nebraska VR clients to explore and access opportunities to advance in their employment.

Through a combination of classroom and on-the-job training, clients earned the recognized postsecondary credentials required for advancement within a specific industry. Employers were provided access to a group of potential employees with the required and relevant skills. This project was funded by a five-year grant awarded to Nebraska VR in 2015.

The grant sought to upskill/backfill positions within the high demand industries of Architecture and Construction, Healthcare, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Transportation, Distribution and Logistics (TDL). Nebraska VR's vision was to promote autonomy, stability, and economic self-sufficiency, achieved by assistance to obtain a single, stable, well-paying job with benefits to replace the one (or more) entry-level jobs currently held to make ends meet.

Career Pathway Advancement Project Videos

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Career Pathways Toolkit

WINTAC Inclusive Career Pathways Community of Practice CPAP webinar

Presentation from 13th Annual Summit on Performance Management Excellence

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We help people with disabilities, prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment while helping businesses recruit, train, and retain employees with disabilities.

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