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A Business Account Manager or an Employment Specialist can assess your employee needs at the work place and make sure those needs are met. They work with employers and employees to accommodate people with disabilities. The goal is to help the employee be productive and fit into workplace culture while providing the employer with a quality employee.

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We can help you to tap into an underutilized pool of talent and benefit from additional incentives.

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Image of Michael Enriquez

Serving Scottsbluff and Surrounding Communities

Michael Enriquez / Business Account Manager

Email: michael.enriquez@nebraska.govv
Image of Lindsy Karel

Serving Lincoln and Surrounding Communities

Lindsy Karel / Business Account Manager

Image of Angela Korth

Serving Norfolk and Surrounding Communities

Angela Korth / Business Account Manager

Image of Cassy Kvasnick

Serving Kearney, North Platte, and Surrounding Communities

Cassy Kvasnicka / Business Account Manager

Image of Rich McFall

Serving Omaha and Surrounding Communities

Rich McFall / Business Account Manager

Image of Mary Matusiak

Serving Grand Island, Hastings, Columbus, York, and Surrounding Communities

Mary Matusiak / Program Director for Business Services


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Watch Pathway to Employment Video Series

The Pathway to Employment Video Series is designed to de-mystify the many services provided to clients and businesses while highlighting the innovation that is the culture of Nebraska VR. While certainly each story is either one of progress towards an employment goal or a client's employment goal success, they are also stories about the important role played by staff members, businesses, ATP, Easter Seals, Project SEARCH, and others. Go to:

Our Mission

We help people with disabilities, prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment while helping businesses recruit, train, and retain employees with disabilities.

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