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Windmills Training

Become more inclusive of individuals with disabilities in the workplace.

What is Windmills Training?

Windmills Disability Awareness Training provides businesses with the skills and tools to foster an inclusive workplace where every employee can have the opportunity to succeed. Select from 12 training modules to design a successful training to meet your business or organization’s needs. Training may include the following:

  • The Story – Identify the value of disability inclusion.
  • New Perceptions in Disability – Examine stereotypes and learn how perceptions may inform hiring decisions.
  • Profiles – Examine how disability stereotypes impact employment decisions.
  • Reasonable Accommodation – Develop creative strategies to accommodate the potential needs of an employee who experiences a disability.
  • Disability Fact or Fiction – Review knowledge and become more comfortable and effective with workplace interactions with people with disabilities.
  • Taking the Emotion out of Emotional Disabilities – Learn to consider reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities.
  • The Calendar Game – Examine the dynamics of group interactions to better utilize employees with disabilities.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries – Identify effective ways to accommodate employees with traumatic brain injuries.
  • Encounter – Interact with a panel of people with disabilities.
  • Whose Fault – Gain an understanding of how miscommunication may impact company culture.
  • The Rumor Game – Discuss how rumors and inaccurate information may affect employment for people with disabilities.
  • Ask it Basket – Learn simple ways to get answers about disability questions.

What Are the Benefits to My Organization?

The 12 interactive Windmills Training modules address every day real-world business challenges. Learn to:

  • Recognize the benefits of diverse experiences and abilities.
  • Understand how attitudinal barriers affect recognizing the value of diverse experience and abilities.
  • Build competencies and confidence in hiring, supervising, and advancing individuals with disabilities.
  • Reduce fears, biases, stereotypes, and myths about employing individuals with disabilities.
  • Improve communication with and about people with disabilities.
  • Understand how to implement low-cost accommodations.
  • Learn disability employment law basics and build an understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA).

Windmills Audience

Windmills is an awareness program provided at no cost and is appropriate for organization leadership, human resource professionals, and all employees from:

  • Businesses
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Advocacy groups
  • Educational institutions

Get Started

To learn more about Windmills and other valuable training opportunities, contact the Business Account Manager (BAM) in your area to plan an in-person or virtual training.

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What Are Businesses Saying About Windmills Training?

The Windmills Training was an eye-opening experience that challenges our assumptions related to work capabilities of those living with a disability. The exercise pertaining to who would and would not work well under certain circumstances was especially memorable and impactful.

Shavonne Washington-Krauth | Director, Culture & Inclusion | Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

The Windmill activity was a valuable opportunity to help our managers identify and understand potential needs of workers with disabilities and explore possible solutions. Participants were able to investigate common emotions, misconceptions, and stereotypes that can cause barriers in the workplace. This experience will help our organization create a more inclusive and welcoming environment.

Cory Hart | Human Resources Business Partner | Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

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We help people with disabilities, prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment while helping businesses recruit, train, and retain employees with disabilities.

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